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Mono Table Lamp


Mono Table Lamp

See them hugging around a branch or lounging on top of a lamp! Always up for fun and adventure, these little champs.

Let your sense of whimsy shine through with this Mono Table Lamp collection featuring the three monkey brothers, Coco, Momo, and Boo!

This cheeky table lamp made of cast polymer figurine around a metal base with a rechargeable light is your choice for adding personality and humor to your interior space. Tap the metal top to light up the lamp!

Item Specification

Materials: Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Aluminum

Width: 10 cm | 4"

Depth: 10 cm | 4"

Height: 39 cm | 15 1/4" 

Item Weight: 0.5 kg | 1.1 lbs

Packaging Weight: 0.8 kg | 1.7 lbs

Packaging Volume: 0.005 m³

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